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House of C Ltd
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Rochester, NY 14618
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House of C specializes in small solutions for all occasions; a few recent programs we've done are:

  • status bar application, preference pane and installer to support a Mac Mini oriented KVM
  • test fixture for manufacturer of Mac Mini oriented KVM
  • configuration programs for a series of wireless home routers
  • network drivers (ethernet and PPPoA), installer and support applications for a USB ADSL modem (OS9 and OSX)
  • web scripts to allow a non-programmer site owner to have complete control over the look of the site
  • internationalization support tool for OSX applications
  • a complete Macintosh solution (USB device driver, application and INIT) supporting a custom device (talking Homer Simpson USB-attached action figure)
  • a database solution for used car dealers' web sites
  • a Notes MQSeries mail gateway



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