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We can architect, design and program your whole site, from domain name to database; give an old site a face-lift; or add database capability and custom programs to your site.

House of C has extensive data design experience - we can architect your site so your customers can easily and quickly find what they're looking for, and so you can easily update and add information.

House of C has many years of experience in programming, unix/linux systems administration, database design and population, web server administration and all the arcane geeky things you'd want for your web site's infrastructure. We're also experienced in graphic design, user interface design, and usability, insuring your customers have an easy and intuitive interface to your information.


Elizabeth Osta
Site for Rochester author Elizabeth Osta
4Tunes Tarot
Site that adds tunes to Taropt readings. Artwork by Chris Pallace, all programming bu House of C. Includes Flash app that lets you build your own tarot card. Go ahead, make one - it's easy...
Zombie Temps
New business model: replace expensive employees with cheap zombies
Church of the Great Penguin
A religion for humans (and penguins) who are tired of people trying to sell them religions
Chenille Macabre
Gallery of Gil Merritt's uniquely twisted chenille beasts. Site plus Etsy integration.
Cecile Carson, MD
Web site for shamanic teacher Cecile Carson and the Integrated Health Institute.
Sybille Lichtenstein
Web site for noted graphic designer Sybille Lichtenstein.
Roxane Chadwick
Website for childrens' book author Roxane Chadwick.
Pengcognito Penguin Cartoon
Design and database (and content) by House of C.
Kevin Serwacki
Kevin is a Rochester, NY artist who's just finished a really cool children's book called Carnival of Bugs. A few sample pages are available at the site.
A companion website for Carnival of Bugs.



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