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Note: Some ISPs will answer for all ".local" addresses. This includes iPrinter. This may be happening if you install iPrinter and your iPad does not show up in the printer list.To get around this (it's a common problem with many ISPs and lots of products), Google provides a free DNS service. Instructions on using it are here.

Now available in the iTunes app store!

iOS6 and AirPint

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When this application is running, a new printer will be available for printing on your other computers.
When you print, your documents will show up on your environmentally friendly iPad.

Requires wi-fi connection.

Print email, web pages, PDF files, images, and your documents right from the program, as you would print to any physical printer. Then take your printouts with you to read wherever you want.

Zoom in to read the small print.

Delete a printout when you're finished with it by swiping left on its entry in the printout list.

              Toolbar controls:

View list of printouts
View previous page
View next page
A printout is ready – click to view
An error has occurred during printing. Some of the document completed printing, and some of it probably did not. Click to see the partial printout.
Email this printout.
Open this printout in another app that can handle PDF files.
Scrollbar should scroll by page.
Scrollbar should scroll continuously.
Blinks while printing
View error message
Printer is online
Printer is offline or no wifi network is available
Information: also shows latest diagnostic information from printer.


Boring spreadsheet at page 230:
Deleting a printout from the list popover
by swiping right-to-left:
Regular size: